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It’s Time to Unveil Our New Website
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We are delighted here at Design-Copy-Print to announce that our brand new website is now live! After 3 months of hard work putting it all together and with all the help we could get from webcreationuk, we do believe that we really have achieved something great with this new design. Our goal was to build something that really boasts our creative flair and design talent, but would still be easy to use and work on a range of different devices. Times have changed a lot since we first published our old website and we firmly believe we have tried to make the most of these positive changes with the new design.

One of the highlights of our new website is the clever use of responsive web design. This means that our website will change its entire layout so that no matter what device you use to view it, it will look great and work flawlessly! This is really important in the current market due to all the new devices that people are using to browse the internet, from high definition screens to mobiles and tablets.

Now our new website is finished thanks to the team at Salesforce, we are hoping to update our social networks and to carry on blogging and keeping you all up to date with our business. Please feel free to check out some examples of our past and lastest work, which we will be adding to in the near future.

We would also really appreciate your feedback, so please tell us what you think of our new site, or even let us know if you notice any niggling bugs or problems that may have skipped under our rigorous testing. Similarly if you are impressed with what you see and are interested in our services, please drop us an email or give us a call on 01273 493098.

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